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Distressed Look Blue Beach Wall Clock

Distressed Look Blue Beach Wall Clock

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Immerse yourself in coastal charm with our captivating 34cm shabby chic clock, adorned with a delightful beach-inspired design. Crafted from high-quality MDF, this clock is not just a timepiece—it's a statement piece that adds a touch of seaside allure to any space.

Measuring 34cm in diameter, this clock commands attention with its generous size and intricate detailing. Its shabby chic aesthetic exudes rustic elegance, creating a relaxed and inviting ambiance reminiscent of serene days by the shore.

This charming clock requires just 1 x AA battery (not included) to operate, ensuring hassle-free functionality without the need for cords or wires. Its reliable quartz movement mechanism guarantees accurate timekeeping, allowing you to stay punctual while basking in the coastal vibes of your surroundings.

Whether adorning the walls of your living room, bedroom, or beach house retreat, our shabby chic clock is sure to become a focal point of admiration. Its beach-inspired design, featuring soothing colors and coastal motifs, transports you to a tranquil seaside paradise with each glance.

Bring a piece of the beach into your home decor and indulge in the timeless beauty of coastal living with our shabby chic clock. Enhance your space with its captivating design and embrace the laid-back elegance of coastal style.

Upgrade your decor and infuse your space with coastal charm today with our 34cm shabby chic clock. It's the perfect blend of style and functionality, making it a must-have addition to any coastal-themed or shabby chic interior.

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